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Perhaps the strangest book I've read this year:

Review here )


Want to know more about quorum sensing, or what happens after death? Check out these articles:

Small Talk in the Microbial World
The Processes of Death and Decomposition

[Yes, I wrote those as a student.]
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[This journal is becoming a WIP dump of sorts. Oi.]

Project Garrity is temporarily being put on hold (again!) because I've just realised with horror that my dA Star Wars Fan Art Character Bonanza piece is due in - TWO DAYS. [facepalm] Finished the pencils last night, actually, have laid down the base colours, and am starting to paint for real:

I'm doing Day Fourteen (6 Dec): Wedge Antilles. Anticipating that the other participants will invariably render Wedge of the Classic Trilogy, or from the comic books, I've decided to strike out and draw Wedge as he is now, in the Star Wars timeline (if I haven't screwed up my math, he'd be 61, since the latest book is 40 ABY). Oh god you're drawing him old and wrinkled and crap, what the hell's wrong with you. Well, the way I figured, it takes a casual fan to draw a character the way most people've seen him, but it takes a serious fan to be able to grit their teeth and *not* draw them pretty. I've been a Wedge fan for half my life, following his story from the Gus Treta disaster to the Rebel Alliance and the Vong War, and the Legacy series (and yes, I do have all the books up to the Dark Nest series, which is, what, 60 books? and all the X-Wing comics; my Star Wars model collection is mostly devoted to starfighters and X-Wing pilots). So to render him as just another X-Wing pilot as he was in the trilogy (before Rogue Squadron, before Wraith Squadron, or his promotion to General - what more to say the Vong War), when you know his story and how he's come so far - and further than any other minor character in the series, mind (what more to say some of the *major* ones) - would be, I think, ... a little disrespectful?

Eh. I blather.

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