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So I've been doing a little work on Amazon's Mechanical Turk (a friend introduced me to it a week ago). Most of the jobs pay peanuts (and rather a lot of companies tend to treat MTurk as a goddamn virtual sweatshop), but (1) the jobs are mostly easy as pie (seriously? beta-testing a website and getting paid USD4 for ten minutes' work is totally worth it), (2) I don't actually need the money (it's just a grand way of killing boredom *and* getting paid for it), and (3) I only take the higher pay-per-time ones I find. And mind you, I've found a couple of pretty decent paying ones.

And late last night, I hit the goddamn motherlode. Almost two thousand hits by one company, to do translations of short sentences. The pay is measly - ten cents a question - but, considering (1) it's in a language next to nobody knows at MTurk, (2) there's almost nobody doing it (by my estimates, there is *one* other person at it, maybe two, if they're pathetically slow), and (3) I can do one sentence in ten to twenty seconds (including reading time), I'm doing pretty well. And I'm getting the language workout of my life, which is a hell lot of fun.

Although I suppose I'm going to have to figure out just what to do with the dough. Haha.
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