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I just logged onto Steam today to find that my friend Linda had bought me Amnesia: Dark Descent. ^____^ Just two weeks ago, I got her Left4Dead 2 (because she enjoyed the Zombieland movie so much), so she could watch and laugh her head off every time TankMagnet ran away screaming from a Tank/Hunter. Apparently she tried it then (alone) and got scared to bits. On my part, the Amnesia demo had *me* jumping several feet in the air every time a shadow moved. We're obviously going to be competing for the "Who Gets Scared The Most In A Horror Game" crown. LOL.

[goes to grab duvet and a couple of very bright flashlights. Because I really am that big a wuss.]

In the meantime, have you met Montgomery? He's my new 1861 Enfield musketoon (replica) from Denix:

Closeup of the percussion cap mechanism.

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Bug Bait: hey, i noticed cataclysm is watching you.  cool
Mincemeat: i KNOW, right?
Bug Bait: :D
Mincemeat: i almost flipped, lol
Bug Bait: you deserve to be with the big guns and not us schmucks, lol
Mincemeat: i HAVE a big gun
Mincemeat: so i AM with it ;)
Bug Bait: oi
Mincemeat: his name is etienne, and he sleeps on my bed ;)
Bug Bait: he sleeps on your bed?
Bug Bait: wait
Bug Bait: which gun are we talking about?
Mincemeat: my cavalry carbine you idiot
Bug Bait: he sleeps on your bed?
Mincemeat: yes....
Bug Bait: .......
Mincemeat: shut up
Bug Bait: ..........
Mincemeat: SHUT UP
Bug Bait: ...............................
Mincemeat: [smack]
Bug Bait: .........        .......... ..     ......
Mincemeat: [throws bucket of baby spiders at tory]
Bug Bait: .
Mincemeat: [snarl]
Bug Bait: why do you sleep with your gun?
Bug Bait: do you cuddle it?
Mincemeat: because i sometimes like waking up in the morning and firing it at imaginary enemies.
Mincemeat: shut up
Bug Bait: omg, i'm drawing this
Mincemeat: go to hell, you jerk!
Bug Bait: you cuddle the gun don't you
Mincemeat: SEE ABOVE
Bug Bait: that still gives no reason to sleep with it
Mincemeat: i sleep with my books as well!
Bug Bait: the only reason to sleep with it is for cuddling purposes
Bug Bait: omg, the imagery
Mincemeat: i don't cuddle it! it just sleeps on a couple of extra pillows!
Bug Bait: OMG
Mincemeat: oh god. i've only made it worse, haven't i
Bug Bait: [dying with laughter]
Bug Bait: [uncontrollable laughter]
Mincemeat: [empties fresh bucket of spiders over tory's head]
Bug Bait: [spiders join in laughter]
Mincemeat: !!!!!!!!!!!
Mincemeat: [grabs loosh and goes into a sulk]
Bug Bait: would you like me to hand you your gun to cuddle?
Mincemeat: i'll smack you over the head with the barrel!


Mincemeat: i gotta go though
Mincemeat: i'm barely awake
Bug Bait: okay
Bug Bait: lol
Bug Bait: oh it IS late
Mincemeat: yah
Bug Bait: go cuddle your rifle...
Mincemeat: [snarl]
Bug Bait: lol
Bug Bait: [fluffs rifle's pillows]...
Mincemeat: [splutters]
Bug Bait: aww, poor sprite wanted to sleep on those pillows
Bug Bait: but now he has to be on teh floor while the rifle gets the silk. [sigh]

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I haven't decided if PLAY is a blessing or a curse in my life. All these years I've lusted openly after firearms (both real and replicas), grousing over local firearms laws and the absence of (local) shops that sold replicas and not being able to purchase them overseas. And then PLAY goes and sets up shop in the mall five damn minutes from my house.( It's like having Michal Negrin's store right next to Despard's appartment, oi).

The owner just got back to me on their collection of flintlock firearms, and this is where I'm mired in deep faecal matter: I'm suffering from hyperoptionitis, because I originally *saw* and wanted a British Brown Bess with detachable bayonet (and, hopefully, scabbard), but - goddamn, goddamn! - there's also a very sweet Napoleonic-era French rifled carbine (which was, like, the main firearm of Nappy's officers and the like).  Getting both at the same time is not an option, because, while I have a nice stash of disposable income to be used on, uh, whimsies, I was *planning* to spend the greater portion on a new Hamilton this year. (Also, I have my sights set - haha - on a sweet 1795 Springfield replica (that isn't likely to become available anytime soon, and is quite prohibitively expensive, but I can dream, can't I?). GAH.

In other news-

My mother's use of logical reasoning is so cute sometimes. One of the dishes served up at lunch today was - gah - leek-and-celery (and godknowswhatelse) soup, which I loathe with an almighty vengeance (gah, why don't people just go all the way and add coriander! and carrots! to it!). When I refused to be coaxed into eating more than a spoonful of it, she asked plaintively, "But why don't you LIKE it? We (my dad and her) both love it!" ... Uh. Haha.  It's a line of reasoning she invariably springs on me every time I express profound hatred for a dish/vegetable, and one that tends to confuse me, because how exactly does one respond to a question like this? "Uh mum, just 'cos you and dad like certain very awful vegetables, doesn't mean that I have to as well?" "Well, you hate pungent mutton, and  malodorous fish - which I love -, so why can't I hate celery and leek?" "Even if it's an acquired taste thing, the fact that I refuse to put that revolting thing in my mouth removes all possibility of my ever developing a love for it?" "Oh, and if genetics were involved, then there's absolutely no chance of my acquiring a taste for leek and celery from either of you since I was adopted, and my gene donors were probably leek-and-celery haters?" LOL.

Maybe I could simply resort to the childish, but sure-fire conversation-stopper, "Yuck, I'd sooner eat slime!"
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I just stumbled upon this new shop on the top floor of the mall I frequent, that sells replica weapons, ... and well, gosh, I love weapons that date back to periods when it was all about beautiful craftsmanship. (Although, due to airport customs, I've never had the guts to bring in replica firearms from abroad - which was about the only place you could get them then). Aside from daggers and katanas, they've a nice selection of Winchester rifles I'd buy like a shot (ha!) if not for (1) the price, and (2) the fact that my mother would freak out; and 18th and 19th century pistols and blunderbusses.

In fact, I'm almost tempted to add this to my limited - if bizarre - arsenal, for this year's birthday1:

An 1825 Italian Percussion Lock Pistol <3 <3 <3 (non-firing, of course, but with functional lock mechanism. I'm a little annoyed that you can't remove the ramrod, but given that nobody's going to actually ram in real shots, I don't suppose it matters)

On the other hand, can I handle another embarrassing conversation like the one I just had at the shop?

[long conversation with shop assistant about swords and guns. Seeing that I'm practically drooling , SA takes out and lets me handle an authentic 16th century wheelock pistol, and shows me some of the pistol replicas.]

SA: All these come with licences. Of course, you have to be over 21 to buy these replicas.
Me: Uh, *I'm* over 21.
SA: Wait, you're getting this for *yourself*? You're not 21!
Me: Yes I am! over!
SA: But you look like you're like 16! or 18!
Me: [facepalm]



1The other running candidates being a Razer Lycossa gaming keyboard (which I absolutely do not need but love), and a Hamilton X-Copter (being a Hammy fan), which I'm probably no longer going to be able to get since my upcoming trips overseas have been cancelled.

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