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This post archives everything I posted to Abaisse and Tumblr in 2012.

Two of Colonel Despard's beautiful E/R slash Tumblr illustrations landed in my dA message box; I'd commented on the Take Me to the ER one that it was so poignantly rendered that one would imagine it existed in its perfection in Grantaire's mind, then went and read TC Regan's excellent Den of Iniquity - and by the time I got to the bit about Grantaire's desperation for acceptance, my mind was starting to cook up scenarios that merged the two statements, ... and this picture was the result of the brewing: Grantaire, accepted by Enjolras, but only in his mind.

A portrait of Bahorel, looking uncharacteristically gentlemanly. Well, except for the scars and bruised knuckles anyway.

Javert Owl
Someone requested Javert as an owl. I complied. I don't even know.

Brick illustration of that scene where Marius 'Death Wish' Pontmercy and Combeferre dart out of the barricades to retrieve Gavroche's body and the basket of cartridges. It may be hard to make out, but there are three muskets pointing at Combeferre.

Curling Paper
Two cartoons illustrating a conversation on Tumblr involving Marguerite and Midshipmankennedy and a resulting fic. I can no longer locate it, but it had something to do with Enjolras discovering a stray sock at Courfeyrac's apartment, and Courfeyrac attempting to curl Enjolras' hair (without success).

Courfeyrac New Year
Strictly speaking, this is a New Year 2013 picture, but as it was posted on the eve, it rightly belongs on this page.
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This post archives everything I posted to Abaisse in 2010.

Between the first attack and Marius being hailed as saviour of the barricade, Jean Prouvaire simply disappears. This is my version of what happened. Victor Hugo did describe him as "valiant" and "intrepid" after all. And as MmeBahorel commented, "Prouvaire was taken, but like hell he went without a fight if his dying words were the shout Vive la France, vive l'avenir."

A brick-accurate rendering of Javert - or as close to it as I could manage.

Valentine's Day 2010 picture. Featuring Joly in a scarf that isn't blue.

Unaccepted Pylades
Inspired by Abelarda's drabble, The Thin Ice, which was in turn inspired by an Enjolras picture that Colonel Despard drew.

Marguerite and Marianne's Temeraire crossover, Dolce Et Decorum Est, is to blame for this. About as NSFW as my Les Mis pictures get. Barring one...

Geezers of the ABC
The illustrator for the Isabel Hapgood translation of the brick drew a most unflattering picture of the Friends of the ABC, featuring Enjolras as a follicularly-impaired knuckle-walking ape descendant. Colonel Despard drew a new, much improved version. K. von Dork made an allegorical picture - and then asked me if I was going to do a picture also. So I made mine even worse than the original. Because I'm like that.

Barricade Day 2010
Barricade Day 2010 picture. I actually posed for Bahorel as reference for this picture (and that's my waistcoat he's wearing). A friend labelled this "Brokeback Insurrection" - HA!

Stalker Alert
The early draft of the Brick features a decidedly stalker-ish Courfeyrac, as Marguerite's translation reveals:

*Courfeyrac is, like, the first character Hugo invented [...]
*ooooh and there was apparently some draft where they found the scene where Bossuet just FINDS MARIUS
*and instead of Bossuet, Courfeyrac is leaning in the doorway and goes, "Oh hey, don't I know you?"
*And then Courfeyrac says- ooh hang on it's a full paragraph, "I'm in the same class as you. It's been three days that they've called the roll and you've been absent....
*no wait it's not actually the interesting bit
*THE INTERESTING BIT is that Courfeyrac actually asks Marius if he would like to share his room
*and "Marius did not consent to share Courfeyrac's bedroom."

Vous Rappelez-Vous Notre Douce Vie
Do You Remember Our Sweet Life? Based upon the chapter in the Brick that tells of what the insurrectionists did in the hours of waiting. Features the debut of an unnamed mustached worker that would show up in just about every other barricade-related picture I drew. My little running joke.

Montparnasse, being dapper and deadly.

My comic response to Colonel Despard's unfortunate run-in with a Pacifist!Combeferre defender on dA. Say what you like about Combeferre, he's the one who's actually described as flaunting multiple weapons on his march to the barricades.

This picture came about because I managed to confuse a reference to Justitia with Weeping Angels. Inspiration can come from the strangest places.

Staring Contest
Enjolras could outstare Weeping Angels in a staring contest. Just saying.

My headcanon for Jean Prouvaire has always been that he is colourblind.

Etoile Filante
I don't like drawing romance, but Colonel Despard's AU fic, Va Attraper une Etoile Filante, which told of Enjolras and Grantaire (after a successful revolution) growing old together, compelled me to break my own rules. Er.

At one point I was going to adapt the entire barricade sequence in comics form. Alas, the project never really went anywhere. These are the only five pages I ever finished.

A book on body language informed me that the cane was a phallic symbol representing virility. And just who among the Amis sports a cane?

In Vino Veritas
Illustration for Marguerite's fic, In Vino Veritas, which hilariously features an uncharacteristically drunk Enjolras.

Musichetta, sporting reasonable evening wear instead of the ridiculous gigot sleeves of the day.

The Art of Dandyism
You cannot suppose that Courfeyrac would turn his back on the latest fashion of the day, even when it is as ridiculous a thing as corsets. Courfeyrac's line is from Marguerite's Temeraire crossover fic, Dolce Et Decorum Est.

Cthulhu Fhtagn
I asked for picture suggestions on Livejournal. Marguerite suggested Cthulhu. [And of course everyone knows that an insurrection that involves Cthulhu would be led, not by Enjolras, but by Jean Prouvaire.] Her crack fic, Cthulhu Fhtagn, appeared at the same time.

Dont Worry
The first of the SantaFrenchBoys Christmas exchange pictures I drew for my recipient, musamihi.


The Georges Pontmercy comic and cover I drew for recipient musamihi for the SantaFrenchBoys Christmas exchange.
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If I'm going to have a journal here, I might as well use it for archival purposes. Say... every last Les Mis-related doodle I've ever done since 2009.

This first post archives everything I posted to Abaisse in 2009.

The Fall of Enjolras
The picture that started my downward spiral into the Les Miserables fandom. ;) Drawn after I'd binge-watched the 10th anniversary concert. The Enjolras is based upon the original GIJolras Michael Maguire, of course.

Character Sheet
My first character sheet of the Friends of the ABC, after I'd actually finished reading the Brick. A few would eventually change. Courfeyrac would gain rather a lot of weight, and Combeferre would say goodbye to some of his hair.

Calm Before The Storm
The first of many, many barricade pictures. This one's particularly badly constructed - I'm not even sure how Enjolras is perched up there.

Orestes & Pylades 1

Orestes & Pylades 2

Orestes & Pylades 3

Orestes & Pylades 4
My four-page comic adaptation of Orestes Fasting, Pylades Drunk. Sort of the point where I realised I liked drawing Les Mis comics.

I wish I had some way of justifying this horrifying cartoon.

Jean Prouvaire, Bahorel and Joly up to no good in the Catacombs of Paris. Inspired by a post by Colonel Despard:

He [Prouvaire] and Bahorel were based in part on two members of Les Bousingos, Petrus Borel and Jehan du Seigneur. Les Bousingos was a group that included poets and artists, active during the July Monarchy. They sought to shock society through such pranks as strolling around naked in the streets or positioning a fake corpse in the streets, claiming it had just been dug up from the cemetery.

One night when they were forced to leave their usual haunts when neighbours complained about them they established themselves in the rue d'Enfer, where they drank/ate alcohol laced cream out of hollowed out skulls. Most were rendered unconcious.


I'm not sure where the skulls came from - I'm divided between the idea that they somehow persuaded Joly to source them, or that they were indeed from the catacombs.

Illustration for Marguerite's story, Galatea. This is pretty much where Courfeyrac morphs into my current version of him, with the help of (probably) many boxes of macarons. Doubtless, this was at least partially influenced by MmeBahorel's fic, To Be Sublime (With Interruption), which caused me to (bizarrely) associate Courfeyrac with Frederick Algernon "Fatty" Trotteville from Enid Blyton's Five Find-Outers series.

Pastry Boy & Milksop
Marius unwittingly saves the barricade, Courfeyrac almost bites the dust, and I draw my first dead Ami (Bahorel). And if the background looks familiar, it's because every barricade drawing I've done ever since is referenced from this one.

A Spot of Arago
Illustration for Marguerite's fic, A Spot of Arago. Jehan's hideous tricorne is in homage to MmeBahorel's To Be Sublime (With Interruption).

His Deliverance
All that he knew, he learned alone. My first serious painting for the fandom. Contains a great many sneaky references to Feuilly's passage in the Brick, that probably can't be seen anyway except at full size. The hole-in-the-wall bookshelf is in homage to Marguerite's A Spot of Arago.

A Spot of Arago II
Another illustration accompanying Marguerite's fic, A Spot of Arago. Joly is blond here because Marguerite's Joly is blond.

Songs of Dead Angry Men I

Songs of Dead Angry Men II
I have, over the years, drawn the Amis in various supernatural circumstances, with little to justify the leaves I repeatedly took of my senses. In this case, Marguerite's fic, A Difference in Understanding, is the springboard from which I leapt into madness. In two different flavours: sepia pencilwork, and full squishy technicolour.

Jehan takes his pet lobster for a walk. I thought this had been inspired by Marguerite's fic, Of Love and Lobsters, but I see that she attributes it to me. I'm not really sure where it came from,... maybe the discussion about Gerard de Nerval that was floating around Abaisse at the time.

Aftermath to the failed June Insurrection. Inspired by George Sand's letter.

Refuge in Audacity
Courfeyrac is caught drawing an explicit political cartoon in class. Marguerite's Refuge in Audacity is to blame for this ghastly spectacle.

Lobster II
Jehan with his pet lobster, again.

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