MCCC 2011!

May. 10th, 2011 12:04 am
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So Motor City Comic Con's this coming weekend (13-15 May) -YAY! And Matt Busch and Alex Buechel will be making their annual appearance there - YAY! So that means there's a new tribute picture going out to them - Unfortunately, <sad> nobody else I know will be going to MCCC </sad>, so this is going to them directly, by digital means. Three days too early, because I'll be leaving on vacation tomorrow, and won't be coming home until the MCCC is over.

[To a certain person: If you do decide to go after all, there's the full-sized file uploaded to my dA gallery, if you want to wear this on a shirt.]

A nod to Matt's Indy Jones parody videos for his awesome "You Can Draw Star Wars" instructional videos, *and* his epic "Hollywood is Dead" poster series from the past year. (The house in the background is based on the house from one of Matt's earlier paintings of the undead). I was initially going to have *Alex* being chased by a horde of zombies drawn into the picture by Matt, but in the end I decided this would be cleaner and simpler, and probably a whole lot funnier. (Apologies to Alex for the transformation, but he did kind of ask for it by posting that zombified photo of himself to Facebook...). (Is a tribute a tribute if it involves your favourite Star Wars artist being chased by his illustration come to life? I dunno, LOL!).

And of course all of this resulted in much hilarity concerning the pronunciation of my second name! Ah, the Chinese and their bizarre words, hideously unpronounceable to all but native speakers. (Although whether I even *qualify* as a native speaker is open to debate, haha).
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