Jan. 9th, 2011

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Thought I'd post works in progress from time to time, in case somebody somewhere wants to see them. Like, ha.

Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent doing something utterly horrible that was only mentioned in a letter in the game:

 The pencil sketch set to multiply, with a greenish background underneath. Background details are marked in with dark brown.
 Changed the background colour to something less blah. I mean, it is a goddamn candlelit torture room, not the bloody sewers.
 What can I say, I don't care much for handsome protagonists. LOL. I do like the crazy ones, though.
 No self-respecting 1830s gent would be caught dead without his waistcoat, cravat *or* coat, but given that Daniel is doing something horribly messy, perhaps he can be pardoned.

It's still a damn sight better than the game concept art, which has Daniel wearing a coat that would've suited George Frederic Handel, and fully buttoned shirt/ belt/ zip-up pants. Did nobody do their homework?
 Um, Alexander? Stop distracting Daniel.
 Started splashing greens around because the picture was too boring in terms of colour.
  Started scribbling like a maniac on a new layer at this point. Then set layer to "Divide", which made the picture look even more psychotic than it already was.
  My beta liked the picture less saturated, so this was the final version I uploaded.

I admit to being partial to the more saturated version, but it does get painful on the eyes after a while.

Oh and yes, I lengthened the blade of the knife. Daniel deserves better than a sissy little carver.

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